3D Laser Scan Orthotics

The use of PodScan 3D Laser scanners significantly reduces the time required to capture an impression of the foot in a subtalar neutral position. The use of scanners to create an impression of the foot is extremely accurate and technologically impressive for the patient. Using a scanner will enable you to see more patients in the day thus increasing turnover.

  • The advantages of scanning over traditional casting methods are:
  • · No plaster costs, set up and clean-up of mess.
  • · Electronic storage of positives, reducing the need for costs and handling involved with negative and positive casts being sent back and forth.

· Greater accuracy with computerised scanning and orthotic manufacture.
· Portability of scanner enables use in different locations.

Unlike some systems of orthotic manufacture, there are no expensive royalties, no need to store blanks, no expensive in house milling machines or mess in your clinic from orthotic manufacture which gives the practitioner time to focus on what they do best — treating patients. Free up your cash flow, and your time and take the hassle out of prescribing orthotics.

PodScan is so certain that using our scanning system will make a profound difference to your practice, that we have developed a plan for our customers to benefit from the provision of FREE scanners to those clinics doing a volume of minimum of 25 pairs of orthotics per month. Simply pay a one off $2500 training levy, which includes a full days training with one of Australia's most experienced Laser Scan practitioners, a laptop (which is yours to keep) and a scanner housing case. We believe in our system so much that we are prepared to invest in your business by providing and maintaining free scanners for unlimited use. This will allow your clinic to have an instant point of difference without significant expense.