What Does It Cost?


 • No initial outlay for your scanner
 • First 3 pairs of Orthotics FREE
 • All 2nd Pairs half price during your 1st month
 • PodScan will provide the scanner for a minimum of 24 months
 • A min 25 pairs of Orthotics turnover/month (calculated over a 3 month period)
 • Initial (non refundable) set up fee of $2,500 (incl GST) applies, this includes:

- Hardware and Software Set up 
- Laptop computer (Yours to keep)
- Full days training at PodScan (Melbourne)
- Customised housing Box for scanner
- No additional set up or training fee is required for each subsequent scanner. An additional laptop fee applies.

• Purchase your own scanner for $3,800 + GST (+ Training and set up fee) 
• First 3 pairs of Orthotics FREE
• All 2nd Pairs half price during your 1st month

• No minimum requirements apply

Considering how easy it is to set up your clinic with PodScan's 3D laser scanners, the only decision you really need to make is if you're prepared to improve the way you practice.