Fixed Priced Orthotics

We understand the frustration at being charged for every addition to an orthotic. At PodScan we believe that you should be prescribing the best orthotic for your patients without the fear of ridiculous orthotic costs and additions. Therefore we have developed the “PodScan fixed price Orthotic System”. (Click here for information regarding our base price for orthotics.)

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Covers to shell only Full Length covers Full length Covers with padding
Poly or EVA with top covers and rearfoot posts
(if needed)
Full length Covers OR Option 1 plus padding Full length covers with unlimited paddings/additions
Base Price Base + $10 Base +$20

• SPENCO or HOOKED devices incur a $10 additional charge per pair.
• Above price are for all Polypropylene , EVA 3/4 length, EVA full length or Combination Orthotics.
• 2nd Pairs - Less 10%
• Free delivery for 7+ pairs per shipment, 1-6 units per shipment incur a $7.50 per shipment fee
• Rapid Returns - 24 Hours ($30.00) 2-3 Days ($25) 4-6 Days ($20).
• Standard turnaround time 7 working day maximum
  (Calculated from receipt of BOTH scan/casts AND prescription).
• Orthotics made from Scan or cast are charged the same price.

(Complete the contact us section of our website to be given further details for our base price on orthotics.)

You can therefore have the confidence in knowing that there will be no nasty surprises attached to your orthotic bill.