Business Effects

It is PodScans purpose to provide you with greater profit, less stress and peace of mind, achieved through a partnership with your practice built on communication.

Ultimately practitioners are in business to profit. Your practice should provide you with not only an income but also a lifestyle. All too often we resist change because of a fear of the unknown and restrictive expenses. Podscans ability to help your business make the transition is proven.

If you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to buy your own mill and blanks not to mention storage space for all of this, and don’t have time to be a lab technician and podiatrist simultaneously and are interested in being provided a FREE easy to use digital laser scanner for production of accurate custom orthotics from a variety of different materials and keen to see their effect  then read on.

PodScan believe in our systems so much, that we are prepared to invest in YOUR business by providing and maintaining a FREE scanner for unlimited use to those clinics doing a volume of a minimum 25 pairs of orthotics per month. (No royalties payable)

Unlike other scanners on the market, PodScans scanners are very easy to use, and don’t require the patient to wear socks. Scanning literally takes seconds, and if you can take a photocopy then you can take a scan. Scanning eliminates the set up and clean up required with traditional plaster casting methodologies, without compromising the accuracy of the orthotic. Digital scanning will create much more time to allow you to see more patients. After all, time is money!

A partnership with PodScan will allow your business to experience the following benefits:

Features Benefits
Speed Quick Scanning process literally takes seconds and saves considerable time in comparison to traditional casting methodologies and it is very easy to use.
Accuracy 3D Laser Scans and computerised orthotic manufacture are an extremely accurate and reproducible way of making orthotics, and simultaneously can be easily replicated for secondary pairs
Affordability No upfront costs for scanners if you do a volume of more than 25 pairs per month. Orthotic manufacture is a ‘fixed price’. No fees for blanks or time spent finishing off your own orthotics.
Communication PodScan prides itself on its communication with its customers, and will email notification if scans/casts and prescription have not been received.
Orthotic Selection A wide variety of orthotics can be provided to fit all types of shoes from high quality materials that have a warranty. eg. Sport Specific orthotics, dress shoe devices, Flexible and rigid devices, all with limitless prescription options and accommodations if necessary.
Portability Scanners can be transferred to use in multiple locations.

Digital Data and Internet Transmissions


Promotional Activities

The use of the scans reduces the need for postage of casts or impression boxes, and can reduce space within your clinic. Reduces shipping time, thus increasing speed of finished product.

Join a community of like minded practitioners whose aim is to produce great orthotic devices efficiently and ultimately providing patient satisfaction with a greater bottom line for the practitioner

Benefit from the application of various promotional activities that have been successfully used in existing clinics. Podscan can help show you how to apply these successful techniques in your own clinic. 



PodScan has also developed a “Fixed Price Orthotic System”. This gives the practitioner flexibility to prescribe the best orthotic for patients without being ridiculously charged for every addition made to an orthotic. Fixed pricing also allows for easy budgeting and ensures no nasty surprises when you open your orthotic bill.

PodScan not only train you on the practical use of the scanners, they also have the benefit of being backed by two experienced Podiatrists, both with many years of experience using digital scanners within their own clinics. They also have employed a variety of promotional activities within their own clinics that have helped improve efficiency and profitability, and would be happy to provide information and training to apply these techniques to your business.


This is a real life case study of a Podiatry clinic which shows a 12 month comparison between the use of traditional plaster casting techniques, and then the following year with the introduction of Digital laser scanning technology within the clinic.



The bottom line represents plaster casting, and the top line represents the 12 month period after introduction of digital laser scanning. During this 12 month period there was no increase of staff or additional clinic operating hours and costing of orthotic therapy remained the same.

The growth of the clinic over the 12 month period occurred for the following reasons:

1.Decreased appointment times allowed for increase in total appointments during the day (the cost to the customer for taking measurements and scans were the same however the time allowed for the appointment was half resulting in charging the same amount for less time)

  • 2.The clinic conducted promotional activities (via newsletter) to its own database educating and advising them on the new technologies available for orthotic manufacture.
  • 3.The clinic also promoted the introduction of laser scanning to existing referrers and fellow health professionals

The primary effects of the introduction of laser scanning to the clinic was the ability to save considerable time in comparison to plaster casting which allowed more patients to be seen per day. The accuracy of the orthotic also meant there was reduced follow up appointments for adjustment required.  The use of laser scanning also gave the clinic a real point of difference that it was able to promote, and the quality of orthotic and turnaround was better and faster than what was being provided with plaster casts.

There was no mess to clean up after taking a scan, and no need to courier casts to the lab. The scanned image was simply emailed to the orthotic lab, and the prescription faxed – job done. All of this helped greatly improve  overall efficiency of the clinic, resulting in an increase of around 50% turnover in the space of 12 months.

The introduction of digital laser scanning to the clinic and the relationship with an orthotic laboratory utilising computer generated orthotic manufacture helped to develop greater profit, more time and consequently a more enjoyable podiatry practice.

You could have exactly the same when you begin a partnership with PodScan for your orthotic manufacture.

It really is as simple as:

1. Ordering a scanner (download PDF)

2. Book your training day.

3. Begin taking digital scans and start profiting.


“Are You prepared to take your clinic to the next level?”