We are a group of clinics with multiple practitioners that have been using Podscan since 2008. Our clinics were using traditional plaster casting techniques before changing to computerized orthotic manufacture in 2004. From 2004-08 we trialled a variety of different scanners and orthotic labs for computerized orthotic manufacture. During this time we looked at many different systems, however we decided that we did not have the space or the massive capital required to buy a milling machine and storage space for blanks. We definitely prefer the idea of being sent a finished orthotic rather than having to cover and finish them ourselves.  We love the accuracy of computer generated orthotics, and we find the Podscan scanner the easiest that we have used, which is why we chose Podscan to provide orthotics for our clinics.

Since partnering with Podscan, we have been extremely happy with the accuracy and variety of orthotics. The turnaround time is good, and communication from the lab is excellent, a vast improvement on previous labs we have used.

Podscan’s scanners are also portable which is excellent, as we have a satellite location that we consult in once a fortnight, and we simply transport one of the scanners from our major locations for use in this clinic.

At the end of the day we simply email our scans and fax our prescriptions, and 7 working days later our orthotic is returned. We now allow half the time to measure and scan than what we used to allow when taking casts, and our reception staff certainly don’t miss setting up for and cleaning up after casting. No longer do we have sets of plaster casts lying around that need to be couriered to the lab.

Podscan worked closely with us initially to understand how we like to prescribe our orthotics, and were able to adjust their prescription to suit our needs. Overall we are now able to make accurate orthotics for a variety of different shoe types, at a very affordable price.

One of our major frustrations with previous labs was their policy to charge for every additional modification to an orthotic, which often could end up being an additional 50% on top of their base price for an orthotic. With Podscan our prices are fixed at a very good price, and we are able to prescribe what our patients need without being charged for every modification.

We have tried other labs, but have now found one we have a great working relationship with, that provide us with an excellent product at a great price!