Questions & Answers

Do I need to prescribe orthotics differently to how I currently prescribe?
No. Podscan has the flexibility to adapt to any prescription/modification you can think of.

Can I send plaster casts or foam impressions to PodScan to use the AOMS system to produce an orthotic?
Yes. Click here to see a demonstration.

What is the initial outlay?
$2500 will get you started if doing a volume of 25 pairs per month.

Where is the training held and how long does it take?
Training is held at the Podscan Orthotic Laboratory in Melbourne, and takes a whole day.

What do I need to do to get started?
Download the order form and fax it to 03 97 708 559. Payment can be made by cheque or via direct deposit. Please note that each scanner is hand made. It can take 6 weeks to maufacture a scanner.

What is turnaround time?
Orthotics will be returned within 7 working days upon receipt of both scan/cast and prescription.

Is there an orthotic warranty?
All orthotics are warranted against material defects for 6 months.

Is there a scanner warranty?
If you qualify for Podscan to  provide sccanners we will repair any problems and provide a loan scanner during the repairs.If you have purchased your own scanner they have a 12month warranty from the supplier.

What if I don't supply the minimum requirement orthotic numbers?
Generally, an average is taken. We undersatand that numbers vary from month to month and trust that if you have committed you would understand the potential of your clinic. If however your numbers significatly fall short of the 25 per month we can certainly put proven sytems in place to help you along.

What orthotic and scanning back up do I get?
Our senior technician has 13 years of orthotic fabrication experience. Podscan has 2 senior podiatrists to draw on for all prescribing and scanning issues.

What is the cost of an orthotic?
Podscan has developed an exclusive "Fixed Priced Orthotic " system. Call the lab on 03 9770 8558 for more info

Please outline manufacture process
Refer to manufacturing process on website

Do you do fashion/hooked devices?
Yes, Podscan make many different styles of devices for a variety of shoe types.

What orthotic material options do I have?
Podscan manufacture orthotic devices from a variety of different materials. Polypropelene, Co Polymer, EVA and combinations (both direct milled and pressed) are all available.

Does the patient need to wear a sock when being scanned?

How long does a scan take?
Literally only seconds. See video demo on home page.

What set up is involved to take a scan?
Minimal set up required, the proceedure is quick and easy. Call Podscan to book your install.

How much space do I need for a scanner?
The scanners and housing box are compact and easy to maneouvre.

Is the system portable?
Very portable and can be transported for use in multiple locations.

What sort of difference can I expect the use of a scanner to make to my turnover/profitability of clinic?
Profit should increase due to improved efficiency and productivity. See clinic effects in Podscan tools

What are semi-customised pre-fabricated orthotics?
Podscan has pre-fabricated devices with different levels of correction. By indicating size, widths and heights we can literally make any device for any foot without a scan or cast!

Can I have a sample pair of orthotics made for me to trial?
Practitioners using PodScan are entitled to one free pair per year, and we can provide samples for your clinic

Do my family members receive discounted orthotics?
Podscan give 30% off for family and staff members of practitioners.