How Does It Work?

PodScan uses an Automatic Orthotic Manufacturing System (AOMS) to produce Orthoses of the highest quality and materials.

  1. A computer generated scan of a neutral foot position is created by:
    1. Scanning the foot in a clinical situation using the 3D laser scanning system.
  2. 2. Have PodScan generate the scan from a negative cast produced by the Podiatrist.
  3. 3. Have PodScan generate the scan from a foam impression box produced by the Podiatrist

Either way, once the AOMS system has the scan, the technicians then are able to manipulate the foot to the Podiatrist prescription in a very exacting manner.

The AOMS system is able to produce a corrected positive cast whereby the material of choice is pressed or alternatively it is able to direct mill an EVA orthotic.

The possibilities of orthotic correction are only limited by the Podiatrists imagination. Our Skilled and qualified Techs work closely with every Podiatrist to produce Orthoses for every situation and foot type. Backed by 2 senior Podiatrists, the lab prides itself on communication and working closely with each client for the best possible outcome.

The PodScan difference

The lifeblood of any successful Podiatry practice is its orthotic business. Quality Orthoses and an efficient Lab can truly turn a good practice into an outstanding one.

Using PodScan’s 3D laser scanners, every consultation becomes an opportunity to improve and build on the patient’s treatment. Scanning literally takes seconds. With no complicated systems, positioning, socks and of course messy and time consuming casting the practices efficiency and profitability sky rockets.

Patients love the speed and impressive technology and the clinicians love the flexibility and accuracy the system provides.

Of course training is provided, but furthermore you are trained on how to use the scanners to double your efficiency. You will wonder how you ever practiced without PodScan.

Click here to download Plaster cast vs. Scaning cost benefit

Finally  You can have
• What you prescribe
• Consistency
• A realistic turnaround time
• Communication
• A quality product
• Value for money
• A fixed orthotic price
• A relationship with your lab that will help you develop greater profit, time and enjoyment from your practice.

“Are you prepared to take your clinic to the next level”?