Orthotic Types


Digital Orthotics

Digital orthotics made from an AOMS (Automated Orthotic Milling System) produced positive. Your individually customised positive is manufactured from an automated digital process incorporating the latest software and 3D milling process. Each orthotic is individually tailored TO YOUR exacting specifications. Each Podiatrist standards and requirements are considered during this process.

Orthotic Materials Include: 

  • EVA
  • Polypropylene and Co-polymer
  • Soft Poly Combo (combination of polypropylene and EVA)


    Direct Milled EVA

    Direct Milled EVA (Full length and 3/4 orthotics) - Your specific prescription for each patient is used to directly mill EVA orthotics with varying densities to achieve the desired outcomes.



    Do you have patients that require over the counter devices but you would like to modify certain parts of the orthotic tailoring to their needs? At PodScan we have a standard range of digital EVA and polypropylene devices that can be modified to suit yours and the patient's needs.

    Forefoot and rear foot correction (2, 4 and 6 degrees)
    Arch height (22, 26 and 30mm)
    All covering padding options available 
    Sizing small (5-7), medium (8-10) and large (11 and up) for men's and ladies


    Kids Range

    Are you frustrated with the current widths, lengths and corrections for children's over the counter orthotics? For the first time, you can order specific correction sizing modifications (INCLUDING GAIT PLATES) specific for each child.

     4, 6 and 8 degree correction
     Medial and lateral flanges
     In toe and out toe gait plates 
     Sizing small, medium and large